On 1 January 2015, SKL becomes NFC

1 January 2015, criminal investigation and forensics in Sweden passed a new milestone when the National Forensic Centre, NFC, is established.

The NFC is a national department in the new Police Authority.


The operations currently carried out by SKL will be transferred in their entirety to the NFC. The new department will be responsible for the total forensics operations process within the Police Authority, from crime scene to courtroom. Operations will also include external forensics activities where forensics laboratory technicians and local crime scene investigators work.

The National Forensic Centre will be responsible for controlling, coordinating and following up forensics activities with respect to methods, research and development. It will also be responsible for quality and competence assurance. Research and development will be carried out in close partnership with the National Development Department.

The NFC will also be responsible for running the forensics laboratory operations in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. In the future, the other laboratory-based operations in the police regions will come under the NFC’s operational responsibility.

A clear allocation of responsibility, in combination with an unambiguous and integrated mandate for the forensics process, will ensure that the NFC will be a highly-effective and unified operation. As of 2015, the NFC will be the recognized agency setting the standard for the forensic process and also be the focal point for the demands and requirements in relation to the process.